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Blahh!!! [23 Dec 2004|12:06pm]
[ mood | icy ]

Stupidness! I've been so lonely lately and I hate it...ah well...I'll be alright. hmm...whats new...christmas is coming. Bah humbug...XD I want sex for christmas lol...jk i donno what I want...actually I want j rock CD's but i cant exactly ask for that lol,...well im out, men. *peace sign*

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Blood.. [24 Oct 2004|08:16pm]
[ mood | irritated ]

As tempting as it is..
I know I must not..
The knife calls to me..
It feels great in my grasp...

Running along my skin,
followed by a line of blood..
The pain is beautiful..
I want more...

I'm addicted to blood..
The color..
The thickness...
The taste..

I want to see you bleed..
Am I a sadist?

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Im falling for you [07 Sep 2004|09:54pm]
[ mood | complacent ]

I realize now more than ever that Im falling for you, kid. As much as I try and deny it, your unignorable yet unattainable at the same time. we have so much in common yet were so very different from one another. Your theories and concepts appeal to me in so many ways yet I have no way of showing you just how much I feel for you. If it was as easy as you say it is i would have confessed to you before, but i still dont think I can do it...I will one day, I promise...one day...

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...thats always nice, ne? [04 Sep 2004|01:35pm]
[ mood | grateful ]

Sailor Pluto!
You are Sailor Pluto!
You seem very adult and
very mature most of the time. You've devolped
your own brand of wisdom, making you
mysterious. That, and your past is so
complicated...That's why when you spaz out,
people like to point and laugh at you...it just
makes you blush/laugh more. You can be so easy
going and gentle, and your weakness is young
children. *Sigh* To give a child a lolli pop
and see them brighten up livens your day. You
have a sense of duty, and while you dislike to
interfere, when worst comes to worst, anything
for your friends. You seem suprised that you
can be so readily accepted by nice people, but
you really under estimate your open heart. You
seem a bit lonely, and you never rely on
friends. Yet, you probably should, they could
help you get through little moments of
restlessness. You don't like to STAND OUT and
you really like being alone, yet you always
seem to get thrown into situations without
really realizing what the heck, who, what just
happened??? This is when you spaz. People like
to assume things about you, which aren't really
based on any fact. Your problem isn't opening
up to people, it's getting out more. Don't
worry! Everyone puts responsibilties to the
side occassionally!

Which Sailor Senshi ARE You?
brought to you by Quizilla

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Dir en Grey-Cage [04 Sep 2004|09:52am]
[ mood | amused ]


shibire wo kirashiteru boku wa mado no chi wo hiki sado no kimi wo matsu
dekireba doku no baiser de
hitan yue ni bitoku miezu kimi wa saigo no mama de
kioku umete kizukarenu you ni saigo no mama
tokei wa hidarimawari demo okashita tsumi wa kaerezu
saisho de saigo no rikaisha yakitsukete

iyagaru boku wo mite tsuyoku soshite yasashiku muriyari no tetsudan
keshite kimi ni wa ienai
kawa no kishimu oto ga itai kizu wo fukamete yukou
shittobukai kimi wa itsudemo reiketsu na no?
osanai koro no gyakutai ga ne ima demo wasurezu ni itai
naze mama wa inai no oshiete yo

itsu ka wa yasashisa ni kizuite haha naru "yurikago" no naka de

hitsuu yue ni mae ga miezu boku no saigo no mama de
semete kimi ni kizukarenu you ni saisho no mama
tokei wa hidarimawari demo okashita tsumi wa kaerezu
saisho de saigo no rikaisha kowashita

boku ni wa yasashisugita no ka naa? mukashi no torauma wo utsushi
saigo no kimi made kowashita boku wa sado?

Lyrics - Kyo
Music - Kaoru

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Moo [03 Sep 2004|05:36pm]
[ mood | apathetic ]

I believe I am going crazy. Honestly, who knew love could have this effect on people...and to think there was a point in my life where i would deny that i loved this boy...if there was a way i could tell him, i would...but it wouldnt really accoplish anything, and i accept that.

we have so much stuff in common its easy to believe he loves me, but i know he doesnt...cuz im ugly..lol...and its okay. theres better ppl than me out there for him and i want him to be happy.

Im still not going to stop loving him tho ^_^...well that be all for now.

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I made new LJ [03 Sep 2004|01:42pm]
Well, this is my first entry...for this LJ...^_^. I had to make a new one, cuz everyone read my old one and i couldnt keep anything to myself...so i just wont give ne one this LJ name ^_^ MUAHAHAAHAAA!!
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